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At the heart of any meaningful innovation is the desire to make things better. The art in innovation is the process of making better things that will help achieve that.

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Make Things Better by Making Better Things

Purpose Is A Propellant

Recently I was invited as a guest speaker for a webinar talk on The Art of Innovation, sharing the virtual stage with the amazing Harith the Green Carpenter, with William of Taylor's Me.reka Makerspace being the awesome host that he is (among other awesome things he does).

It's an interesting topic particularly because it often get misconstrued in the public space as something fancy and techie. Which obviously is not always the case.

In my creative work I rarely set out to innovate, but more often than not I find myself mixing different things together. When you keep mixing things, something innovative will happen.

But when you create/make with purpose, with intent in your heart to improve something you believe can or must be improved, then you are prepared take the roads less travelled.

The things that you find yourself spending the most time on are not random. They are connected to your purpose.

And that, at least for me, is exactly what the art of innovation is all about.


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